Revolutionizing global data exchanges

An award-winning solution for enterprises to unlock the potential of data ecosystems.

Data Exchange Platform Provider

A transformative technology provider empowering enterprises to launch their own data platform solution

A dedicated end-to-end secure data exchange platform built according to organizations’ specifics.

Use case for enterprises

Cross-border exchanges

Decentralized data exchanges within and across organizations – with verifiable data sovereignty through our core feature, Compute-to-Data.

The Challenge

Data in silos for respective organizations
The need to abide to various data protection and privacy laws across jurisdictions

The Solution

One horizontal technology, connecting to multiple cross-domain data sources

Data kept at enterprises’ environment, without any data being accessed or stored in Acentrik

The Challenge

Public data – with beneficiaries of both governmental and private sectors, there is a need to abide to stringent privacy and security regulations for personal data – with both government and private sectors as beneficiaries

The Solution

Data sharing with beneficiaries that are appointed by your organization

Open data ecosystem – in a controlled environment of specified participants

Use case for government

Time for a new approach

Unlock greater value of data between governmental institutions and private entities – to your requirements.


Our global impact

A strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, Acentrik, an enterprise-grade data exchange solution brings real-world use cases globally and across industries by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.

Acentrik stood out as a strategic product that addresses the critical challenge of data silos within enterprises…

“Data is the new gold”, we have been hearing and reading this phrase over and over again for more than 10 years…

Frequently Asked Questions

Acentrik does not have access to any data on the platform – neither does Acentrik store the data. Your enterprise data remains solely as yours, with the ownership and control to your data assets.

With the nature of Acentrik's solution, the platform acts as an orchestrator to connect to the various data sources of the participants – data stays in the providers' environment.

The removal of intermediaries and centralized systems, together with financial verifiability of wallet-to-wallet transactions, are made possible by blockchain technology. Data sharing with external organizations is made transparent and verifiable.

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Revolutionizing global data exchanges

An award-winning solution for enterprises to unlock the potential of data ecosystems.