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Global Data Marketplace

Acentrik Global Data Marketplace is a ready-to-use data marketplace, enabling collaboration and data sharing amongst enterprises, across industries.

Organizations can onboard their existing data products on the data marketplace and implement real-world use cases – with the wider community in Acentrik.


Limited data access and reduced innovation opportunities.

Organizations may have limited access to diverse and extensive datasets. This may limit their ability to obtain comprehensive information, make informed decisions, and stay competitive in their particular fields.
Loss of control and privacy to data assets while unlocking value out of data
Enterprises may struggle to unlock the full value of their data without the proper tools and infrastructure. This can put them at a disadvantage compared to competitors who do have access to such resources. 
Enterprises looking to uncover greater value in their data may not have the right tool to do so – while retaining control and privacy in their data.


Acentrik offers a ready-to-use global data marketplace to enterprises, to implement real-world use cases with external organizations. They can choose to monetize their data with utmost data sovereignty and / or consume data to drive greater business insights.

Consume Data

Tap onto our existing ecosystem of enterprises’ data products across industries.

Direct access to data sources
Live updates of data assets
Time-based access
Cross-domain use cases
Accurate and reliable data
Global Data Marketplace Platform for Enterprises.
Global Data Marketplace Platform for Enterprises.

Publish data

Monetize data and implement cross-domain use cases.
Generate reliable revenue streams
Gain deep insights in your product
Transform your business models
Ensure data sovereignty

Gain access to our marketplace in 4 simple steps:

Frequently asked questions

You need to deploy an edge-computing node in your environment. This node serves as the intermediary with direct access to your data source. It can be deployed in any environment with internet access and the ability to run docker cluster, making it infra agnostic. Once connected, you can securely transmit and share your data within GDMP. 
You won't lose ownership or control with the Acentrik platform because the buyer will only obtain a compute output file containing data insights. The raw file cannot be accessed because it is out of reach and encrypted. 
You and only you have ownership and control to your data. Acentrik does not have the ability to access or store your enterprise data on the data marketplace.

Check out existing assets
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