Revolutionizing Mercedes-Benz’s Data Ecosystem

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What is MBcentrik?

A product by Acentrik, under Dynamic Platforms, MBcentrik is a whitelabel data exchange platform for Mercedes-Benz community to increase data sharing across departments.  

This is a non-production environment, meant for testing purposes and use case proof-of-concept implementations only

What sets us apart


Run compute jobs at data owners’ trusted environment.

Instead of bringing data to algorithm, algorithm is brought to data.

Federated Learning

Run algorithms across multiple datasets, across different regions at the same time, producing an aggregated result. (Coming Soon)

The groundbreaking technology behind MBcentrik

Powered by Web3 technology

Tokenized data access

Distributed Architecture – connect infra directly to platform

Data exchanges powered by smart contracts

Use case

Data-driven pricing model

Insights to car models’ transaction prices based on past vehicle sales.


Legal concerns of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Manual data transfers across geographical locations

Solution & Benefits

Perform computation jobs at data source, enabling insights in data-driven pricing while adhering to local data laws, without exposing PII.

What's in store for me with MBcentrik?

This platform is best suited for those who have a specific use case in mind.  

One platform, multiple possibilities.

Run compute jobs on multiple datasets across geographical locations

Cross-charging settlement of data products via tokenization

Collaborate with different data owners on algorithms and datasets

Save cloud cost by not transferring data

Be a trailblazer in AI – train models based on your use case

Deploy your own whitelabel implementation specific to your region or business entity

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