Launch your own

Data Exchange Platform

Launch your own​ Data Exchange Platform​

A secure end-to-end data sharing platform built for you.

What can you get with your white label Data Exchange Platform?

Custom branded data exchange platform of your own

Configurable features
and access controls

Full setup and management

Develop new data products
for multiple use cases

Complete control and ownership over your platform

Why Acentrik?

A dedicated data exchange platform for your organization – according to your specifics.

Streamlined Platform Configuration and Account Management

Securely connect to any data sources

Supports private and public blockchain networks

Connect your infrastructure seamlessly

User-centric controls to your data

Build on any cloud

Acentrik does not store any data, nor have any access to your data.

The Challenge

Lack of collaboration in networks of data scientists and engineers
Lack of meaningful analytics that generate high data volume and variety

The Solution

Connecting network of clients in the Healthcare industry – building their robust ecosystem

Implementing Healthcare use cases via their customized data marketplace with participants of their network

One of the many uses cases possible with Acentrik

Transforming data exchanges in the healthcare industry

A customized data exchange platform for a specific network of healthcare customers and practitioners.

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