The future of
data exchanges

Enabling data sharing worldwide.

An all-in-one decentralized solution


Core feature of Compute-to-Data


All data exchanges are recorded on the blockchain


You and only you have control on your data


Turnkey solution with minimal impact on existing infra



Acentrik's main feature - privacy-preserving computation. 

By bringing algorithms to the data instead of transferring the raw data, Acentrik provides an unparalleled level of data privacy and security.

Confidential data remains within the data provider's environment, ensuring compliance and protecting against access to the raw data.


Safe and secure
data transfer

Data access verifiable through ERC20 tokens –created by data provider upon publishing a data asset, is exchanged with the data consumer upon purchase to gain data access

Data ownership and control verifiable by ERC721 tokens – an Acentrik Asset Management Token, represents ownership and management rights of a specific data asset on the marketplace


Ensured control and compliance

Data is still kept in the enterprise's respective data stores and environment. Data owners have the ability to specify and manage access of their assets through fine-grained permissions.

Upon listing a data asset, data providers can allow and/or deny access to their asset based on Web3 authentication, email domains or wallet addresses.


Turnkey solution

Solution and applicator for enterprises, building business models on top of Acentrik’s solution for various use cases, seamlessly integrating data infrastructures.

Our technology partners

Ocean Protocol



Merkle Science


Blockchain Association
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