Cross-border data exchanges for supply-chain

A leading global retail company aims to optimize its cross-border supply chain operations by leveraging on data exchanges with its external partners and internal systems.


Data in silos with respective participants
To unlock value out of data and to integrate data across multiple participants – there is a need for a trusted platform, with transparency in data exchanges and data ownership and control that stay with each participant.
Adhering to various data protection
With multiple partners across geographical locations, there is a need to abide to various data protection and privacy standards.
Technical challenges with facilitating data integration
Different companies have different existing data infrastructures – which makes it challenge to integrate their data stores into a platform, without having a huge impact on their existing infrastructure.


Acentrik as a data exchange platform provider is able to harness the technology and B2B-centricity of its solution to the specified participants of the supply chain, enabling secure cross-border data exchanges.
As a turnkey solution, the retail conglomerate is able to customize and deploy their own platform, onboarding their trusted partners with minimal impact to all parties’ data infrastructure. This integration of supply chain data breaks down data silos and provides a unified view of the cross-border supply chain.
As Acentrik uses the state-of-the-art technology of Blockchain, there is the option for enterprises to choose for deploying their data exchange platform on the private Blockchain as well.

Business Benefits

Derive greater value from the data value chain

Implement solid data strategies across partners that drive benefits to each other

Unlocking business insights across industries

From reaping operational cost efficiencies to streamlining logistical processes

Improved Collaboration

Foster collaboration amongst trusted partners – in a data-driven way

Monetization opportunities

Open new revenue streams through direct sales of data product or through insights for greater product developments

Frequently Asked Questions

Acentrik prioritizes data privacy and sovereignty, implementing robust access control measures and edge-computing capabilities to provide you with full control over your data without ever having your data to leave your infrastructure. Our platform is compliant by design and adheres to various local market regulations.

Yes, Acentrik provides fine-grained permissions control mechanisms, at an asset-level, to allow and / or deny multiple enterprises' access to your data assets.

No, Acentrik’s turnkey solution allows for seamless integration of your data stores with minimal impact on your existing infrastructure. With the ability to customize and deploy your own platform, you can onboard your trusted partners while maintaining compatibility with all parties’ current data infrastructure.

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