Collaborative ecosystem – Healthcare data sharing

A network of healthcare clients and institutions requires a controlled data exchange platform. The objective is to enable secure and compliant cross-border data exchanges amongst their specified participants while protecting privacy to sensitive data and adhering to legal standards.


Lack of collaboration in networks of data scientists and engineers
Without a secure and compliant platform, there is a challenge to integrate and unlock value from various hospice facilities and institutions. Without having the ability to connect to their existing infrastructures, it creates a strong inertia to data sharing amongst the industry players.
Lack of meaningful analytics that generate high data volume and variety
Healthcare institutions produce enormous amounts of data. Such raw data can produce greater insights through the industrial use cases implemented. This requires advanced analytics methods, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with large volumes of datasets, to generate greater insights from raw data.


With a customized data exchange platform deployed by Acentrik, healthcare clients and institutions are able to connect and collaborate to a wider pool of participants securely.

The unique selling proposition of Acentrik is Compute-to-Data, in which large datasets can unlock greater value, without compromising on its privacy and security.

Compatible and approved algorithms are able to run compute jobs on top of the anonymized data, generating greater insights in the healthcare industry. Raw data from healthcare facilities stay within their preferred data storage, which does not leave their premises, hence promising data sovereignty.

Did you know?


of healthcare data collected
goes unused.


of healthcare data stays siloed due to privacy concerns.

$47.7 Billion

Expected growth of the healthcare data analytics market by 2024.

Business Benefits

Enhanced Interoperability

Plug and play solution to increase data sharing with minimal impact on existing data infrastructure

Data Privacy

Respecting local markets regulations while transferring compute files across international boundaries, not exposing sensitive data

Precise Data Access Management

Ability to have absolute control over one’s data assets through platform controls

Data Sovereignty

Data ownership is verifiable with data hosted in the respective participants’ environment, not giving up control to centralized platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Confidential data still resides in the various data stores of the participants of the platform. The platform acts as an orchestrator and does not have access to any raw data. Compute jobs run on these anonymized data and attain output files based on the respective Healthcare use cases.

Acentrik has platform features of fine-grained permissions – which controls the permissions of the data at an asset-level. Data providers can allow and/or deny access to their asset based on Web3 authentication, email domains or wallet addresses.

To ensure proper usage of your data asset, we have included End User License Agreement (EULA): The EULA is a legally binding agreement between the data provider (you) and the end user (the data recipient).

It outlines the terms and conditions for the usage of the data asset. Ensure that the EULA clearly defines the permitted use, restrictions, data sharing obligations, and any applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

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