Government Data Sharing

Governments hold a wealth of data that can unlock tremendous value when shared and analyzed. By leveraging a data exchange platform, governments can establish an interoperable and connected data landscape with trusted entities.


Data in silos with respective participants
Government data is often stored in disparate systems, making it challenging to integrate and analyze. The lack of interoperability and data sharing mechanisms hinders transparency and collaboration among government agencies and international partners.
Secure cross-border data exchanges
Sharing public data with private corporations across borders requires adherence to various local market regulations and data privacy requirements. Ensuring secure and compliant data exchanges can be complex and time-consuming.
Technical integration
Integrating data stores and systems from different government entities without disrupting existing infrastructure poses technical challenges, requiring scalable and customizable solutions.


Acentrik as a data exchange platform provider offers governments a secure and compliant solution that enables them to easily customize and specify the participants on their platforms.
This solution allows governments to onboard trusted entities with minimal impact to all parties’ data infrastructures. Be it amongst their national governmental institutions or with trusted private organizations, they have utmost control in their own platform, according to their use cases.

Did you know?

$3 Trillion

worth of open-data opportunity can be unlocked by governments playing a key role.


of government data analytics investments will directly impact real-time operational decisions and outcomes.

Business Benefits

Promoting Transparency in Public Data Usage

Secure and controlled sharing of public data, promoting transparency in management of public data

Public Service and Policy Improvements

Improve public services and develop targeted policies through data-driven decision-making

Insights for New Businesses and Services

Foster innovation and collaboration with development of new businesses and services

Data Monetization

Generate additional revenue streams from private sector partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Acentrik’s Compute-to-Data feature enables privacy-preserving data analysis. Governments can securely run algorithms on compute datasets without sharing raw data, ensuring privacy during cross-border data exchanges.

Yes, the platform has two levels of permissions – first is on role-based access control, which determines who is able to view and/or perform marketplace actions; the second is asset-level permissions, in which the data provider can define who is allowed or denied to consume the data assets.

Acentrik’s turnkey solution enables governments to overcome interoperability challenges by providing a customizable and deployable platform. With Acentrik, governments can seamlessly integrate their systems and onboard trusted parties, ensuring minimal impact on existing data infrastructure.

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